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    <p>Find out, if you are <strong>franchise material!</strong></p>

    Find out, if you are franchise material!

    As a franchisee, you have the great advantage of independently running a Harry's Home Hotel, all while sharing the responsibility. We support you with valuable know-how, many years of experience and good ideas.

    <p>The <strong>company</strong> &amp; its <strong>values</strong></p>

    The company & its values

    Harry's Home is a successful hotel concept that the world has apparently been waiting for. We are ever-expanding, so there are many more temporary homes to come. You are a passionate host with the desire to run your own hotel? Become part of our family!


    Harry's Home delights with heartfelt hospitality and an individual temporary living sensation. Thus, it is the perfect combination of hotel, home and zeitgeist.


    What makes us unique is the strong cohesion within the Harry's Home team. We are like one big family, a colorful bunch of passionate personalities. This is what the guest senses.


    Live Harry's vision with abandon, keenly motivate a team and successfully run a hotel. Are you ready?

    Franchise Contact

    Simone Kittinger
    Development & Franchise
    T: +43 664 8868 3110
    E: simone.kittinger@harrys-home.com